President’s Corner


This year, we have added a new induction category: THE CAROLYN BENNETT SMOOT (P) CONTRIBUTOR‛S AWARD. This prestigious award is granted to those who have contributed invaluable and unwavering support to the mission of preserving the history of Black Education in West Virginia, prior to the Brown v. Board of Education case.

This award is posthumously named in honor of Carolyn, a September 2008, Academic Inductee and a September, 2009, Legend Inductee. Carolyn is a former well known and respected educator in the Kanawha County Schools, who was instrumental in promoting the goal of placing the Historical Booklets in the schools for Black History Month, to further pursue our educational mission of the preservation of the history of the former All Black Schools in the State of West Virginia.

Carolyn‛s husband, Douglas Smoot, 2009 inductee and her daughter, Caroline T. Smoot, Esq., 2010 Vanguard Inductee, will officially present this award at our Black Tie, Red Carpet Hall of Fame Ceremony on Saturday, September 18, 2010, 1:00 p.m., at the Charleston Marriott in Charleston, WV. With the Historical Booklets in the schools for Black History Month, we can ensure that generations to come will learn the history of Black Education in WV, ”before the memory fades” We have reached a milestone in our mission!


We were proud to have the following guests attend and participate with the WV ABSSA, September 2010 Hall of Fame Ceremonies: Dr. Hazo W. Carter, Jr., the ninth president of WV State College in 1987 and the first president of WV State

University. 2004; Jim Nelson, Director of Institutional and Media Relations, Bluefield State College; Hon. Dr. Clifton Moore and Hon. Charlene Marshall, WV House of Delegates and Dr. Bob Barnett, Professor Emeritus, Marshall University.


We are pleased to welcome Attorney Kerwin E. Miller, September 2008 Academic Inductee and 2010 Legend Inductee. Attorney Miller brings a wealth of experience to the Board as the CEO and Founder of the Service Academy Youth Achievement Foundation, which provides financial resources for youth to achieve success in their professional life.


The WV ABSSA has again made history. Twenty counties placed the Historical Booklets in some of their schools for Black History month. The counties through their superintendents will receive the Contributors‛ Award. A Memorial Bridge in McDowell County, WV, will be dedicated to legendary Coaches James A. Wilkerson, Sr. (P), and Ergie R. Smith, Jr. for their historic accomplishments in sports. A Memorial Bridge in Logan County, WV, will be dedicated to Legendary Coach Lacy L. Smith, for his historic accomplishments in sports.